Altitude Fears

For the longest time I have wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mt. Kenya. My dreams are valid, I know I will one of these days. My concern though has been how I will get to handle the altitude and my fitness as far as matters of the cardiac are concerned. In the mean time I have been climbing the not so high mountains here in Kenya like Mt. Kilimambogo and Mt. Longonot and still planing to climb Mt. Elgon before I get to handle the beasts. Am thinking this will help me get fit enough.

Enticement galore-from our hotel in Moshi

Image result for mount Kenya

Mt. Kenya. Courtesy of google.comimages

But wait a minute! the muscle aches the shortness of breath is not frightening to me, ALTITUDE is the monster i fear the most; the fear of all things climbing. Reading from the very many articles on the internet and peoples experiences, brings chills to my body but the adrenaline rush inside me still wants me to do it despite the risks involved.

I have been reading  and her experience and the thrill after conquering the mountain is evident  in her words This has made me want to do the climbing sooner than I had planned. This means changing my normal schedule and squeeze in some fitness time in preparedness for the big glorious day that I will conquer mountain(s) more than 15,000 ft. Yes I can! The Altitude fears are nothing compared to the adrenaline rush in me.

All I have to do is:-

  1. Stay healthy and fit
  2. Read more and more materials on the physical and psychological effects in altitude change
  3. Find the best support from a few friends in mountaineering.
  4. Get ready with my big bag full of climbing essentials
  5. Have a POSITIVE Attitude to conquer the Altitude fears.

Who’s with me? 🙂


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9 comments on “Altitude Fears

  1. What a great goal to have! Once you achieve that you will feel on top of the world! (at that height it might be more a reality than figure of speech haha!)

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  2. Kush says:

    I did Mt. Kenya and I can tell you for a fact that it is not easy but the feeling of contentment after is worth the struggle…
    Mt. Kilimanjaro here I come!

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  3. Wangeci says:

    Let’s do it. Was to do it last Christmas but plans haltered. I workout alot. Please start working out.


  4. Just do it..I can be part of your support group.Words I hold true from my guide-50% of the mountain is conquered in your mind-so you only have 50% to work on.And no,dont wait until you have enough people to hike with (it wont happen) ,just sign up-you will make friends on the way..Thats what I did and have no regrets…You are in trouble I will hound you until you finally conquer Kenya and Kili..Some tips to help

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  6. Joanna says:

    Stumbled upon this today great pieces got me pumped for my Kenya 😄


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