A letter to the Future Earth

Dear Earth,

It’s been long! If you reading this, I know you survived the harmful effects of the human activities. It is my hope though that your survival has not been a struggle but a consistent recovery process due to a change in human behavior.

Earth,  I hope we planted more trees to supply oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide to slow the rate of global warming. It is my hope that the consistent human health has improved due to the natures medicinal herbs found in some tree species.Did we do something about excessive dumping? Currently, the dumping sites seem to have multiplied and are in very large numbers, ooh! how i wish that wherever you are you are in a good condition because of reduced dumping sites, increased tree planting, more recycling and persistence attitude among the humans so as to make the world a better place.

So much has affected us lately ; The water levels have risen thus causing flooding. Please answer me this dear earth, did the national landmarks survive the mass of flooding waters? Did humanity survive due to the destruction of food crops caused by these floods? Did they survive the diseases that comes with stagnant water? For the sake of the future generations, tell me you are still a home to our wildlife! How I wish I would travel back in time and rectify all this so my mind will be at peace. What would be the need of procreation if all we do is destroy the home to our future children and our children’s children..?

A lot of research has been done and is still being done regarding the environment conservation; it is my hope that we all found a way to conserve the environment just so we get to meet in future and that you will be rejuvenated just like you were during your inception. This is not goodbye dear earth but a see you later in a different rejuvenated you. ūüôā

Yours Faithfully,


Lover of Nature.

Ps  Take ACTION ! Do the simple stuff to conserve the environment. Own the Earth it belongs to you.

More of the Simple ways of conserving click herehttp://www.qbuzz.qnet.net/blog/2013/05/01/10-small-ways-to-conserve-and-protect-our-environment/


The Great Migration

Laptop on my laps, yellow sticky notes on the side as I sip a cup of coffee in readiness for a moment of just me, my thoughts and my beautiful ¬†decorated bucket list displaying on the computer. The item number 2 on my bucket list seem to be staring at me displaying the words “An Epic Experience of the Great Migration”. I travel¬†in ‘spirit’I see myself in the Mara viewing one of the great wonders of the world, the wildebeest migration. It’s about forty minutes past and I have to peruse through my sticky notes and find my scribbled Migration writings among the many writings of nature travel and adventure that I have been noting down during physical and virtual explorations. A sip a sip a sip and another sip of coffee will help me act¬†faster and walaa! My scribbled Mara Migration¬†data is here.


Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia

It’s July once again; the month of the wild as I would like to call it. The wildebeest migration starts at this period of the month and it’s one epic scenery; words fail me when I imagine just how animals would decide to migrate to constant places at an almost constant period of time; I mean its like they have an inbuilt clock and GPS¬†installed in them. What can we say, It’s an awakening of nature.

In the few months of getting to read and watch the contents about this this jaw-dropping, spectacular, startling  and breathtaking phenomenal, I was able to gather some information that interested me hoping that it will be of interest to you too.

About the Migration

This is a cycle occurs yearly¬†from July to November. Let’s start with July, shall we?

July:¬†The Wildebeest, Thomson’s Gazelle, Zebra and the Elands¬†start their¬†migration towards the Mara in Kenya from the Serengeti in Tanzania. By this time they are crossing the rivers in Serengeti as they head towards the Mara in search of greener pastures. At this point, they get to experience the survival for the fittest kind of scenario as there are crocodiles and hippos¬†awaiting¬†for their¬†prey.

August: The animals are now in the Kenyan soil; The Mara National Reserve. Hey! we need passports to cross the boarder and these millions of animals don’t…oh, the simplicity of the animal kingdom.

September: I would like to call this an encounter with the Mara River. The animals have no choice but to cross the river and get to there place of abode at least for a few months. The confusion and panic is evident from there stumping on the ground provoking a cloud of dust in the air,The crocodiles waiting in readiness for a meal which is a guarantee that there will be feasting in their family.

October: This is the moment for Mara National Park to be the center of attention. I can imagine how the tourists stare as they marvel at nature.

November: The animals somehow sense the presence of incoming short rains of November and they are ready to move back to their other abode, the Serengeti.

December: The fresh grazing begins again in the Serengeti and the calving begins yet again….So spectacular!



Mombasa Travel Diaries 2

It’s day 2 hurray! Yet another day of exploring Mombasa; the land of very rich history and exotic Swahili culture.

Before I begin on our itinerary, I would like to let you in on another thing that fascinates me about Mombasa.

Mombasa is an Island.

The island is separated from mainland by two creeks, the Tudor creek and the Kilindini harbor. To the south Coast, the connection is through the Likoni ferry while to the North Coast is through Nyali bridge. Hence, the bridge and ferry are what connects the Island. Isn’t it amazing to travel to and from work by water? no traffic just a¬†very huge ferry moving on a mass of water.

The Pine Trees

These beautifully shaped tropical plants make you feel completely in Mombasa. They are very tall which makes them look so elegant thus giving a feel of comfort, fun and anything goes kind of effect…oh feels like paradise.

The White Sandy Beaches and Blue Sea

Oh! what a sight nature holds. The white sands and the blue sea kind of speaks to the sun   bringing that look of paradise.

Day Two

Morning Swim

We started off with a very delicious pizza and a glass of wine as we enjoyed our refreshing morning swim. We did this for an entire morning. How refreshing it was!


In the afternoon, we were headed to Likoni for lunch. When we were done with lunch, we shopped for souvenirs as we would head back to Nairobi the following day. You guys would have seen this; the Likoni residents were so nice, we would hear some saying “Karibuni Mombasa warembo wa Bara” (Welcome to Mombasa Beauties from Nairobi). That day we were celebrities.


A walk to the beach


So that afternoon was not complete without our time at the beach. The blue vast sea was staring at us like it was calling us to have a swim as the waves were gushing to the shores with so much attractiveness like it owned the territory.


B. E. A. A. U. T. I. F. U. L


I stood at the shores for a while; it was a minute of silence for me to just quiet my mind and open my eyes to the most amazing creation. The blue wavy sea and the white sands in unison with the shining sun seemed to praise themselves to me saying, “See how beautiful we all are, stop thinking too much about us and have us for fun”


The white sandy beach and blue sea

I wore my swimwear and joined my friends ready for the swim in the salty waters of the Coast.



How about a camel ride at the beach


We ended the day with delicacies from 10th Street Restaurant- Nyali

There are so many places we didn’t explore in Mombasa. Being a very old city, there are so many other places to visit; the parks, the beaches, old towns ; the list is endless. How about exploring Mombasa next time? ūüôā

Hey Mombasa, looking forward to meet up again.

Mombasa Travel Diaries

It’s actually my second time to visit¬†Mombasa but this second time was much more fun than the first.I’ll tell you why; I was finally looking forward to visit a few places i didn’t get to visit the first time(at least I kept my bucket list active)…*wink wink*¬†plus, I was in such¬† great company of my sister and a few of my girlfriends.

Departure from Nairobi: 10:30 Pm

Arrival: 8:00Am

Day One

So we got to our Pam Breeze Apartments in Nyali and oh my! the apartments were so perfect for us. We took a shower ,sun dressed and like the beautiful local tourists we were, we started off with our number one item on the itinerary…The Fort Jesus.

Brief History of Fort Jesus

I know most of us know about the Fort Jesus so am not going to dwell much on the story.

This Fort as I may call it was built in 1593 by the Portuguese(they were very strong Christians by the way). The reason why they built this Fort was to protect their trade route to India.

Later on in the year 1698 the Arabs took over the Fort, thus so many Portuguese were killed during this time.

The Fort Jesus also became the government prison back in the 18’s

Years later in 1958, it was declared a National Monument

In the 1960, a museum was built and was opened to public and thanks to that fact we and many generations to come can now have a chance to actually go back in History and find a few evidences and actually take pride in your rich Historical knowledge. Isn’t History Fascinating! Lets see a few of what fascinated me while there.


A view of the Fort Jesus From the Ocean


Just look at the beautiful doors that were used back then..




A chair that was used in the 19th Century…made in India.


Ruined Portuguese place of prayer by the Arabs

Portuguese Carcus

The remains of a Portuguese



Just like the slaves back then, we demonstrated how the Sheikh was being carried by  his slaves on a cart


The Sheikh’s place of rest


Behind me is the Museum with endless stories of the past…

Mombasa is a place of endless possibilities visit there occasionally and you will leave there knowing a lot more than you knew before.

Charges(In Kenyan Shillings)

  • Kenya Citizen Adult – 200
  • Kenya Citizens Child -100
  • Non-Resident Adult-500
  • Non-Resident Child-250

Check out our Mombasa Travel Diaries day two coming soon.

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Altitude Fears

For the longest time I have wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mt. Kenya. My dreams are valid, I know I will one of these days. My concern though has been how I will get to handle the altitude and my fitness as far as matters of the cardiac are concerned. In the mean time I have been climbing the not so high mountains here in Kenya like Mt. Kilimambogo and Mt. Longonot and still planing to climb Mt. Elgon before I get to handle the beasts. Am thinking this will help me get fit enough.

Enticement galore-from our hotel in Moshi

Image result for mount Kenya

Mt. Kenya. Courtesy of google.comimages

But wait a minute! the muscle aches the shortness of breath is not frightening to me, ALTITUDE is the monster i fear the most; the fear of all things climbing. Reading from the very many articles on the internet and peoples experiences, brings chills to my body but the adrenaline rush inside me still wants me to do it despite the risks involved.

I have been reading http://wangechigitahi.co.ke/2015/02/08/mt-kilimanjaro-an-amazing-date-indeed/  and her experience and the thrill after conquering the mountain is evident  in her words This has made me want to do the climbing sooner than I had planned. This means changing my normal schedule and squeeze in some fitness time in preparedness for the big glorious day that I will conquer mountain(s) more than 15,000 ft. Yes I can! The Altitude fears are nothing compared to the adrenaline rush in me.

All I have to do is:-

  1. Stay healthy and fit
  2. Read more and more materials on the physical and psychological effects in altitude change
  3. Find the best support from a few friends in mountaineering.
  4. Get ready with my big bag full of climbing essentials
  5. Have a POSITIVE Attitude to conquer the Altitude fears.

Who’s with me? ūüôā


Blog Post Ideas

It’s one hour past since I have been staring at my computer screen wondering what to write. I begin typing a sentence, heck! its not catchy so I delete and start off again this time on a piece of paper. I scribble down a few words that will at least give me the motivation to write but still not good enough. I cancel¬† and start again until the blank paper seems like a doodle. Only to discover later that my inspiration lies in my thoughts and words. ‘What to..?’

I am certain that there are bloggers out there like me who sometimes stare at a blank screen with a cursor blinking in unison with the ticking clock on the desk counting the seconds, minutes and even hours wasted waiting for an inspiration to begin writing as usual.

Most of us travel bloggers like to blog about our experiences which is something personal. It’s probably why travel blogs are interesting. But sometimes it’s good to get out of our comfort zone and write about something new. Change is as good as a rest.

As I was thinking what to write, an idea finally came to my mind. These are just a few of the ideas you can write about to help someone out there.  Am sure there are more. Play with your creativity.

1. Write about a ‘To Do’ List

You can give advise on what activities to engage in when one travels. These are just one of the things you can do :-

  • Play football in mad
  • Make friendship when traveling alone
  • Go on a game drive at a park
  • Swimming at the hotel room
  • Cycle
  • Fishing
  • Boat riding

Swing Swing


View of Lions at a Game drive

 2. Rate Rate Rate

Rate all the places you have visited and give advise on why you found these places awesome to you. The good thing with traveling is that you get to have your own personal opinion of a place you have been to and you can show evidence of why you find the places amazing to you. The ratings may be something like these:

  • The 10 most breathtaking places to visit in Kenya
  • The top 5 best national parks to visit
  • The best hotels in the Maasai Mara
A view of Malindi beach in Mombasa

A view of Malindi beach in Mombasa


Olpejeta Conservancy

3. The Bucket List.

This is fun to not only to the writer but to the reader as well. Getting to scrap off the items and add more items on the list gives the reader the motivation to share his or her experiences and the writer is motivated to even do more on the list hence, more content for future.

4. The Luggage

When traveling, some of us tend to carry a lot of luggage or even fail to carry essential luggage. You can always share on what luggage to carry and what is not essential for carrying depending on where one is going to.

5. Encourage

This is one of my favorites. One of the things I love most when sharing my experiences on travel and adventure is knowing that I have encouraged someone to travel. It is fulfilling I can say that out of experience. Its like a bee  sucking on nectar.

Promoting local Tourism

Promoting local Tourism

There you go. The list is endless; you just have to find the inspiration which may be staring at you on your face. Lets do this!




I had intended to post this by the beginning of 2016 but I was carried away by the fact that adrenalventure turned a year older and I wanted it to be special; don’t we all like our first time of everything to be special? What can I say, the friendships born, the adventures experienced and the continued increase of the followers and readers of this blog is an achievement to me. But since we do not always plan for the first time , it will always be perfect for us as long as we are filled with passion, enthusiasm stuff like that.

Today adrenalventure turns a year older and it is with heartfelt gratitude that fills my soul to all followers and all readers of my blog. It is therefore with this gratitude and of course the passion I have for travel and adventure that I want to take stock and have a look at 2016 resolutions with you guys.

Travel more

Early last year I shared my bucket list and I am proud to say that indeed I have traveled to a few more places indicated on my list. I will keep updating the list and share with you next time.

Do More

Last year, I focused more on travelling that I forgot to have a to do list when I travel to a specific place. This time am going to have more and more adventurous activities hopefully do it with some of you guys, the adventure fanatics. Let the games begin guys!

Write More

Share as much experiences and diversify on the content that will help in promoting local tourism. You don’t have enough money to travel you say? I say, you don’t have to have much money!

Take Lots Of Pictures

I have always been caught up with natures fascinations that I forget to take photos of amazing breathtaking sceneries; I guess my naked eyes have been selfish enough and its time to share memories and experiences.

Cultural Experience

Get to experience and take part in the different cultures of the Kenyan communities has always been something I have wanted to do and I guess its about time.

The rich cultures of Kenya’s 42 tribes is not only a fun experience but also a real mind opening one as well.